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Thrifty hints

Thrifty hints for your wedding reception

1. Choose a venue or reception location that allows you the opportunity to supply your own food and beverage. Shopping for your own catering company and purchasing your own liquor can result in tremendous savings.

2. Have a photographer take the pictures, hand over the rolls of film, and instruct you on creating your own wedding album. Some photographers do a fine job of this, and are very helpful in their instructions.

An additional option to the cost of a quality photographer on your wedding day, is to have your wedding photographs taken the day before or the day after. Many photographers offer significant discounts (from 20%-50% off) on Sundays.

3. Pick up bride’s maid dresses from an outlet or department store that carries formals. Plan a day when the bride and her bride’s maids can all get together for bargain shopping. This way everyone is present for sizing, and the prices can be inexpensive.

4. Make your own wedding invitations! Many computers and software programs now allow for people to make and print various sizes of cards and envelopes. Additionally, there are Wedding Invitation stationary kits readily available at local office stores such as Staples.

Does the prospect of making your own wedding invitations scare you? Then purchase wedding invitations through mail-order. Many bridal magazines list toll-free numbers to get a catalogue. The savings through mail-order are incredible.

5. Flowers can be done splendidly and at a minimum cost by having a supermarket floral department make the bouquets and boutonnieres. Supermarkets such as Safeway buy surprisingly nice flowers in bulk for their stores and offer very low prices.

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