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$50 Referral program


Word-of-mouth referrals are the best form of advertising. In an effort to thank you for recommending us to others, we offer one $50.00 referral fee (per referral!) to any past and current clients (*see below) who recommend our company to a new client that results in a booking.

Once your referred (*see below) friend/acquaintance/co-worker etc. has confirmed their booking with us by signing their contract and paying their deposit, we will happily give you a $50 gift card to your choice of Chinook Center, Cross Iron Mills, Southcenter etc. or apply a $50 credit to their account if you wish.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you do so if you are one of our clients, recommend us to lots of people! We have had wedding customers and corporate clients who ended up having our music services for free simply because they recommended us to others!

If you have any questions, call or e-mail your Good Times representative. We’re happy to help in any way.


Unfortunately, a few individuals have tried to take advantage of this program. To prevent further abuse, the following guidelines are now strictly followed:

1. Our referral program is available only to current and previous clients on record with Good Times.

2. If you recommend us to someone, please understand that your friend/acquaintance/co-worker must tell us that they were recommended by you AT THE TIME OF BOOKING! (Not days or weeks later.)

3. You must contact us within THIRTY (30) days of your friend/acquaintance/co-worker’s contract date to receive your referral fee.

4. We only provide ONE $50 referral fee (gift card) per new wedding booking. For example, if John & Jane Smith post on Facebook that they are getting married and then ten of their friends who coincidentally used us over the past 20 years recommend us, we only provide ONE $50 gift card, not ten $50 gift cards. It is up to John & Jane Smith to remember who the first friend/co-worker was to recommend us.

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