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MC Services – (Emcee / Host)

Canadian Emcee (MC) Host with a passion for people!
Andre Genthon has been enlightening others personally his entire life as well as professionally for over the past 15 years. Nationwide Keynote Speaker offering Special Event Emcee Entertainer (MC – HOST) and Event Planning services. Popular for graduations, award & fashion shows, weddings, concerts and multiple ‘stage’ performances. Consider making your next conference, leadership event or personal development (PD) initiative unique and enjoyable for all cultures, races, religions and backgrounds with the energetic, approachable and captivating personality of Emcee (MC) Host & Entertainer, Andre Genthon!

The “Host Personality” (Emcee / Master of Ceremonies). Found everywhere in the professional world of entertainment. Sports teams & stadiums, television news stations, radio personalities, organization leaders and more. The “voice and personality” that brings you in touch with the event or business at hand.

In many cases, special events organizers will automatically choose the most appropriate internal spokesperson or leadership member to act as the “Host Personality”. This practice is very popular and does make sense according to leadership protocol. However, choosing to have a Special Event “Host Personality” (Emcee) other than an internal representative will often create a stronger ‘production value’. This process will allow those that will be speaking the opportunity to both focus more on their individual particulars as well as increased gratification due to decreased “administrative preparations & announcements”.

The process of carrying out a successful event that will create lasting memories is not an easy task to accomplish. Consider having an experienced “Host Personality” (Communicator / Entertainer) from Great Times and explore the possibilities of making your Special Event a great deal more than what everyone is expecting.

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