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Fun Money Casino

What is a Fun Money Casino? There are a few different styles but for the most part, they are a casino-type environment with real games and tables whereby people are given an equal amount of “funny” money when they enter the casino which they then exchange for chips. They use their chips to play various casino games just like in Vegas or cash casinos. The dealers and staff on hand are friendly and eager to teach people how to play the various games.

People seem to have the most fun playing for about two or so hours (eg. 9pm-11pm) with prize giving or other activities afterwards. (Prizes or gift cards can be awarded to the players that win or collect the greatest amount of chips at the end of the event or as a fun alternative, players can use their amassed chips to bid on silent auction items or “buy” raffle tickets.)

Pricing for a Fun Money Casino can vary widely based on the number of people that the casino will be present at or the size of the room. (eg. Only two blackjack tables and dealers booked for a party where 200 players showed up? Your guests will get grumpy.) A proper casino will have tables and games and decorations delivered and set-up prior to your guests arriving. There will be multiple dealers waiting to entertain your friends, donors or co-workers. Add in a few slot machines (depending on the package) and the atmosphere will be just right!

Depending on the function, flat rate packages may be suitable or price ranges of approximately $40-$45 per person can be used as a starting point, but call or email for a custom quote for your next Fun Money Casino event.

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