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Game Shows

Good Times’ Icebreaker party games always get people laughing and create long-lasting memories. The fun games are also a great form of team building and bonding for a workplace or organization.

What do we do? We have different games and shows that we can provide for different events. For example, video game shows similar to TV’s Jeopardy and Family Feud are perfect for some clients while others prefer physical challenges like the Amazing Race. (Okay – not that extreme.) Our long-term clients from the 90’s and 00’s joke that we should seek compensation from NBC ever since they launched their show, Minute To Win It. (True enough, many of their ideas seem like direct rip-offs of our Icebreaker games but ours are much more fun.)

Game Show “Add-On”:

For clients that wish to include a non-video Game Show with one of our entertaining disc jockey/dancing packages (applicable to INTERACTIVE packages only, within the time frame of the selected package): $250.00 in addition to the cost of an INTERACTIVE or LEVEL TWO package – one host

Game Show Premium:

Two hosts, up to two hours. Upgraded entertainment package with big screen video, upgraded props, sound & lighting. $950.00

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