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Celebrate holidays, semi-formals, graduations, fund-raisers, even ‘school’s out!’… anything that makes you feel like dancing! Don’t worry about students running all over the school. If we do our job well (and we always do), no one will want to leave the gym or hall where the dance is taking place.Different schools have different dances, and people who want different things. Let us know your budget, and we can customize a dance package just for your event. Light shows and games are included with all events, but if you desire, you can choose the extent of the light shows, sound system, prizes and effects supplied etc…

The amount of interaction our DJ’s provide varies greatly on the school. Typically, for elementary and junior high schools, we are very outgoing and interactive by providing games and contests for the students. We recommend that the school or student’s council also provide ‘loonie’ or ‘twoonie’ prizes as it gives more students incentive to participate in the games.

In contrast, at most high school events, we are there to provide a spectacular sound & lighting system, and play the music the students want to dance to! In most cases, high school students are not interested in games, but we are happy to provide this approach if requested.



High School Dances, Youth Dances & Graduations

GOOD TIMES’ Skool Division has a number of Club DJs and beat mixing jockeys. These DJs are familiar with playing to a large number of younger people with wide tastes in music, who also know how to mix properly and keep the flow of music running smoothly. Our music is up-to date and contains today’s hottest hits (our staff check radio and net charts on a weekly basis), and we also make sure to get requests from your student body both beforehand and at the dance itself.

Our staff are also aware that schools often use dances for fundraising, and we make a point of being as budget friendly as possible while still offering your school an absolutely awesome dance experience

Parents, student councils, and staff, please feel free to e-mail or call our office and have any questions answered!


Elementary/Junior High Schools

Good Times makes the effort to send out specially trained staff to all primary and intermediate level dances, to ensure as many students as possible are being involved and enjoying themselves. All music played is censored for language. In many instances, when we are unable to find a version of a popular song that is not “Clean” enough, our staff are willing to scrub and censor the music ourselves to ensure your students can hear the songs they want without putting school staff in a compromising position.

While maintaining an appropriate level of energy, our DJs want to make sure that students are enjoying themselves. When appropriate and depending on the entertainment package booked, dance contests and games to help get students involved and having a good time may be initiated if school staff or students’ council desire !

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