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Product Launches, Store Openings, Stampede Breakfasts, Client Appreciation Events


Functions that do not fall into the typical categories of Weddings, Corporate Banquets, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties etc., fall into our category of being a Special Event.

1. Outdoor functions requiring background music or PA (public address) systems are a common request.

2. MC or “radio remote” services are often booked by retail stores that are introducing, launching or wanting to bring attention to a new or existing product line. Good Times has worked with retailers like The Bay and Sears on many such occasions since the 90’s and large-scale, outdoor events like the launch of car2go in Calgary.

Since special events are, well…special, they do not fall under a typical pricing umbrella. Please call to discuss your event and a friendly Good Times representative can give you a quick estimate (or an exact quote if you know all the details about your event).

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