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Tune Trivia

Tune Trivia can go by many names, like Calgary Jukebox Trivia, Name That Tune or Music Trivia. Whatever you call it, our version is sure to bring excitement to your party. Incorporating bonus rounds and group participation games (think Minute To Win It) allows for some fun competition between your guests, and the bragging rights of the winning team(s) are always well deserved. Our Calgary game shows can be booked separately or added to select entertainment packages and can last from 30 minutes up to two hours, depending on the game and number of people.

Sample program:

A typical Tune Trivia Game Show could consist of five to eight rounds of game play, including bonus rounds. Once we have received the team names of the participating teams, we kick off Tune Triva Pursuit with one of our Icebreaker games. A representative from each team will be required to take part in one of our hilarious dance floor games (eg. The Duck Noodle Game). This always creates laughter among contestants and team mates, and is a great way to set the tone for the remainder of the evening.
From there, we begin the music trivia portion with a “structured” round and pick a category of music to kick things off (maybe Oldies or Pop, depending on the crowd or type of party). Each team listens to the first 5-10 seconds of a song, and is awarded points for the correct song title and artist. Other teams may steal points from the original team if their answers are incorrect. Additional structured rounds including Disco, 80’s, Country, Top 40 & Adult Contemporary are played throughout the game.
Along with the natural fun that comes from Tune Trivia and our structured rounds, Good Times takes a unique approach to hosting Tune Trivia by incorporating other entertaining ideas/games throughout the show. For example, bonus-point rounds and our fun Icebreaker games always get people laughing and create long-lasting memories, and participation from representatives of individual teams are a great way for teams that may be falling behind in the point standings to “get back in the race”.
Tune Trivia works well for smaller events and in smaller bars and pubs as it can get a party going and keep guests and patrons entertained if there isn’t much interest in dancing or other activities.


Tune Trivia “Add-On”: For clients that wish to include a Tune Trivia Game Show with one of our entertaining disc jockey/dancing packages (applicable to INTERACTIVE or LEVEL TWO and LEVEL THREE packages only, within the time frame of the selected package): $250.00 in addition to the cost of an INTERACTIVE or LEVEL TWO/THREE package – one host

Original Tune Trivia: One host, two hour game show, digital sound system, lighting effect, 100 guest maximum:$675.00

Tune Trivia Enhanced: Two hosts, two hour package, upgraded sound system & light show for larger groups:$795.00

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